Yoga for the Introverted Yogi

When I first got into yoga I figured I would be able to just jump right in. Growing up I had been a dancer and played many sports. I considered myself quite flexible. But there had been several years between my high school athleticism and my first yoga lesson.

I started searching online for yoga videos so I could learn in the privacy of my own home before venturing out and making a fool of myself in a class. Good thing I did too. Some of those first sessions I was so unstable. What happened to me!? I mean, I had just been released by my doctor for exercise after giving birth to my daughter. But still… I was not prepared for going back to level 0 in my fitness routine.

That’s when I found Yoga with Adriene. 🙂

Her videos are not only FREE, but they are for all levels. In her videos she breaks down every possible question you may have about your body or how to do a move. She focuses on matching the breath with movement, which seems basic, but it is basic. Breathing and yoga are synonymous.

What I have loved most about her website and YouTube channel, is that she is constantly providing FREE yoga courses. For example, I am currently working through the 30-day TRUE Yoga Journey. I love how she makes each session personal like she is working with you in the living room. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to yoga classes, but I can’t always make it to an actual class. Two kids, remember?? I can play her videos anywhere, anytime.

Give it a shot. I dare you. 🙂

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