Welcome to Kula & Kale! 

Kula, a yoga term derived from Sanskrit meaning “community”, “tribe”, or “a group of people who come together for a common purpose”.

Kale meaning the deliciously scrumptious green leafy goodness that is a great addition to any meal!

The purpose of this blog is to have a safe place where people can come together to share their values, ideas, thoughts, wellness journey, etc. My health and wellness journey has not been a straight line. Like most people I’ve had weak moments, gone off the rails, given up, told myself “What’s the point?”. 

Sure my fitness journey has had some blank spots. My Nike+Running app had several empty weeks and months where I didn’t run and I even deleted it for a while (But when I added it back it gave me a warm welcome!). I let excuses get in the way and those excuses became easier and easier to make.

I’ve started my journey back up again and I want YOU to know. Why? Because putting it out there keeps me accountable. I believe there are many of you out there who can relate to my story; maybe not exactly, but you understand failure. But y’all…without failure we don’t learn anything.

So I’m challenging you to come fail with me time and time again. Together we will turn our failures into one hell of a success story. In the words of Robin Arzón, “Do something to make them say ‘damn…'”.